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Contract Development & Manufacturing

Our fermentation hub offers vision, support, and adaptability for trailblazers.

Agile Piloting

We offer rapid prototyping and modular systems for flexible, scalable pilot trials, coupled with real-time data sharing to expedite development and enable adjustments. Our operations span from 5L to 2500L scale.​

Efficient Upstream Process Development​​

Our upstream process development focuses on scalability and cost-efficiency, utilizing advanced analytical tools and bioreactor design for optimized resource utilization.​​

Effective Downstream Process Development

Our downstream process development integrates innovative purification techniques and continuous processing to boost product purity and throughput. We implement strategies to reduce waste and repurpose by-products, fostering sustainability.​​

Seamless Partnership +
IP Protection

We prioritize seamless partnerships with strong intellectual property protection. Our flexible engagement models ensure tailored solutions and secure collaboration. Rigorous IP safeguards are tailored to the bioprocessing industry, while transparent communication keeps all parties engaged.

Flexible Manufacturing

We specialize in commercial production of the target molecule and provide technical transfer support, leveraging our extensive cGMP 200,000L fermentation capacity in our production-owned facilities. Through these commitments, we foster trust and cultivate enduring partnerships that push the boundaries of biotech manufacturing.

Formulation + Packaging

We provide premium nutraceuticals in diverse formats, specializing in probiotic contract manufacturing. Our services cover a wide range of health areas, including cognitive, digestive, immune, sports, skin, metabolic, and women’s health products. From powder blends to blister packaging, we offer adaptable and innovative solutions to enhance your products in the competitive nutraceutical market.



Enzymes are nature’s catalysts, accelerating chemical reactions crucial for life. From aiding digestion to powering cellular processes, enzymes play diverse roles in biology.

Featured Enzymes


Fungal Lactase



Our selected strains, are crafted for resilience, enduring stomach acidity to activate effectively in the intestines. These probiotic spores are highly viable, withstanding extreme conditions like low pH and high temperatures, making them versatile for different product formats. Their non-refrigeration requirement simplifies handling and distribution for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Featured Strains

Bacillus subtilis

SBS 2156

Weizmannia coagulans

SBS 2156

Shouchella clausii

SBS 2102

Vegetative spores

Tailored vegetative probiotics offer specialized support for various health needs, from combating harmful bacteria to regulating immune responses. They activate quickly upon ingestion, promptly engaging with your gut environment to provide immediate health benefits

Featured Strains

‎Lactobacillus acidophilus

SBS 2136

Lactiplantibacillus plantarum

SBS 2127

Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus

SBS 2110

Biffidobacterium anamalis

SBS 2138

Lactobacillus reuteri

SBS 2145

Custom Probiotic Blends

At Sanvira Biosciences, we provide high-quality custom probiotic blends tailored to your unique health and application requirements. Our experienced team collaborates with you to design and produce bespoke formulations. Our probiotics are produced in a facility with top-tier certifications for safety and quality, including cGMP, NSF, and FSSC 22000.  The facility and quality certificates are in the process of being audited.


Transform potential into
tangible outcomes

Sanvirabo hyderabad

At Sanvira Biosciences, all our partners benefit from access to our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, meticulously designed and operated to maximize large-scale commercial production of bioproducts.

• Site ground area 870,000 Sq. ft
• Located in Visakhapatnam
• cGMP compliant facility
• Developing a 200 KL, state of the art fermentation
• Rapid expansions to cater to contract manufacturing
• Phase II will also include a formulation facility

sanvira bio hyderabad
Our advanced manufacturing facility specializes in fermentation-based bioproducts, equipped with cutting-edge equipment like fermentors, centrifuges, and drying technologies. We offer tailored packaging options including capsules, powders, containers, blisters, and sachets. Operating under strict environmental controls ensures optimal product quality and safety. As a leading contract manufacturer in India, we adhere to rigorous standards while also innovating new bioproduct formulas. Our skilled team handles projects of various scales, aiming to set new benchmarks in the biotech industry.


United, we harness our talents to drive excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth in the biotechnology sector.

Sanvira Biosciences, nestled within the Sanvira Group, a US$440 million revenue enterprise, boasts expertise in industrial chemicals and power generation, earning global acclaim. With operational bases in India and Oman, it taps into the group’s resources for efficiency and growth. Leveraging a proven track record with blue-chip clients and suppliers, Sanvira Biosciences drives operational excellence and accelerated growth through the group’s financial strength and existing infrastructure.

Our seasoned team brings over two decades of collective expertise to drive success in biotech:

• Operations: Over 20 years of strategic management and precise process implementation in core manufacturing operations.

• Research & Development: Specializing in Microbial and Fermentation Technology Development with a focus on Regulatory Compliance.

• Management: Extensive experience in core manufacturing and a proven track record of global client collaboration.

• Technical Advisory Board: Offers invaluable insights into process engineering, quality systems, and regulatory compliance.

We provide an advanced fermentation ecosystem to partners across industries, aiming to amplify their visions.

Our current partners span key sectors, including:​

Human Health & Nutrition


Food Industry

Personal Care

Animal Health & Nutrition


Ready for Opportunities of Every Scale​

Whether starting out or established, we're committed to turning innovative ideas into scalable solutions. From developing new molecules to managing commercial-scale production, we offer comprehensive services for various groups, including:

Early and mid-stage startups

Late-stage startups

Established companies seeking to expand their product lines

Academic institutions and research Organizations


We aim to be at the forefront of the "Bio-Revolution" by collaborating with global innovators committed to positive change in human health & performance, consumer products, energy, & agriculture. Our focus is on providing a high-quality, cost-effective, scalable, and regulatory-compliant manufacturing platform, addressing market gaps for integrated business offerings. We aspire to seamlessly integrate with global innovators, offering custom blends and manufacturing high-quality nutraceutical ingredients for human and animal health in cGMP and WHO compliant facilities. Commercial production is set to begin by August 2024.

Area of focus

Sanvira Biosciences specializes in contract manufacturing, offering comprehensive services from initial development to large-scale commercialization for global innovator companies, leveraging core fermentation technologies. Expanding into nutraceuticals through in-licensing and in-house R&D, it provides seamless support across formulation design, development, and scale-up. Positioned as a global partner for industrialization and commercial supply, Sanvira excels in advanced food ingredients and substances derived from microbial fermentation, blending both sourced and proprietary ingredients to meet precise customer specifications, enhancing its market versatility.

Work With Us

Let's explore the possibilities and create together, fueled by partnerships that drive innovation and opportunity

We cherish open-mindedness in all our roles, spanning from internships to full-time positions. Come join our team!

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